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Designer: weblg
Tags: Background Builders Challenge, weblg, Jaiden, GRANDAUGHTER
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Newpage2 p001 medium Description
Just how many pictures can you take of your grandchildren? Me - HUNDREDS!!!! This was the second LO I did playing with the new MMV3 when I first received it. I used the background builders on this one, but I never posted thought I would put it in the challenge.

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cegfar, at 11:56AM on Thursday March 26, 2009
Simple but very cute LO. My original idea was the same as what you have here with the flower distressing on each side of the page. I love your page (and what a CUTE little Jaiden you have there!).
scottygal, at 09:49AM on Saturday March 28, 2009
Very S-W-E-E-T! Nice LO and flower distressing - looks hand-stamped.

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