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Spring Flowers 09

Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Marilyn, flowers
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Spring flowers 09 p001 medium Description
I love spring...the perinnals start coming up, the warm breezes start to blow and it's time to plant.

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audosborne, at 01:50PM on Thursday April 23, 2009
I'm glad to see this LO. I guess it means you're safe from the fires. I was worried about you. I love spring too and we a beautiful day today. I also love your LO. Is the frame from W@WF? What is the blooming plant on the page? Stay safe!!
BeachScraper, at 03:52AM on Saturday April 25, 2009
The blooming plant is a "Mandevilla", they come in four different colors and is a trellis plant. I think mine is called "Ruby Star", the deepest red. "Red Riding Hood" is a lighter red. Hopfully by the middle to the end of summer it will completely cover my trelllis. Last year I didn't bring it indoors, so I lost it over the winter, might try to bring it in this winter. Think the frame is from "Shabby Princess".
audosborne, at 10:15AM on Sunday April 26, 2009
Thank Marilyn. After looking more closely I can see that it is Mandevilla. They are annuals in our area and I usually have one or two some where in the yard.
weblg, at 03:23PM on Sunday April 26, 2009
Beautiful page! Your flowers are gorgeous!
Jesse77, at 11:36AM on Monday May 04, 2009
Hi Mariyln, beautiful flowers.... great LO.... Spring is just starting here in MN, things are just starting to turn green again, so hopefully no more snow!

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