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Seneca Lake

Designer: kysmom
Tags: Creative Background Builders Challenge
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Creative background builders challenge medium Description
I just took this picture of Seneca Lake from the harbor in Watkins Glen, NY. I thought it was so beautiful and the background builders make it look like a painting.

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bm205, at 05:25PM on Friday June 26, 2009
Wow, what a beautiful picture. What background builders did you use? I love the look!
teddiecat, at 07:59AM on Saturday June 27, 2009
I, too, think your page is beautiful and am wondering what background builder you used.
kysmom, at 01:53PM on Saturday June 27, 2009
Thanks!! I actually copied some of my overlays in to my background builder folder. I first used one from Shabby Princess as the border (I think it's called Two Soon), then I used grid white over that and then scratch white over that.
audosborne, at 01:42PM on Monday June 29, 2009
This is a beautiful photo and the effect is striking!
RABIDFOX, at 12:49AM on Friday July 03, 2009
I love the composition of the photograph; the distressed edges also work well with the final look of the piece.
teddiecat, at 08:51PM on Monday July 13, 2009
I didn't know you could copy your own elements into the Memory Mixer folders. How did you do it?
teddiecat, at 05:27PM on Wednesday July 15, 2009
I figured it out! Once I knew that other digital scrapbooking elements could be imported into MM, I was able to do it. It will make it easier now to use some of my favorite elements that aren't MM. Thanks!

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