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The Stuff History Books Are Made Of

Designer: ordazd
Tags: Fill a font, 2009, London
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Challenges p009 medium Description
Westminster Abbey, The Tower of Big Ben, the rosey red cheeks of the ..... sorry =}

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audosborne, at 10:32AM on Monday November 02, 2009
Very nice!! I love it! I did a dvd of my trip to Enland and I used that song:)
ordazd, at 11:59AM on Monday November 02, 2009
Thank you very much! I had that song going through my mind the whole day and evening! =}
jonyce, at 03:34AM on Tuesday November 03, 2009
What a neat use of the new font!! I love it! :)
ordazd, at 06:10AM on Tuesday November 03, 2009
Thanks, I thought so too...=}

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