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duck, duck, goose.

Designer: annirana
Tags: nuetrals, Vera Karoli embellishments
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18019475b medium Description
This is a goose that I caught at one of our last campouts. We had it for dinner...just kidding!

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maryintexas, at 01:50AM on Tuesday September 11, 2007
Hello I am new to mm and love it. I have loved looking at your pages. You do a really great job. Could you please tell me what kits you used on you page. Thank, Mary
annirana, at 10:20AM on Wednesday September 12, 2007
Hi maryintexas! I'm in Texas too! This page contains pieces from a kit called "Breath of nature" by Verena Karolyi purchased from for I think $2. You say your new? Well welcome! I can't wait to see some of your work!
Bryanmn, at 08:26PM on Tuesday January 15, 2008
You are brave to catch a hissing goose, but you definitely look like your having fun. Turn around is fair play even with a goose! Okay my husband grew up in Minnesota and played duck, duck, gray duck. I always tried to tell him that duck, duck, goose is far more surprising = fun!

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