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Designer: RABIDFOX
Tags: son, fantasy, inspiration, butterflies, outside, nature, rabidfox
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Rabidfox09  57  medium Description
My son was playing in a pile of sand at a construction rodeo (that's where he got the balloons). Every thing else is a mismash of many designers. Please let me know if you have specific questions; I may be able to answer them.

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goddessdestini, at 11:08AM on Saturday January 30, 2010
How did you do this? Did you use only MM?
Mommy Atol, at 12:56PM on Tuesday February 02, 2010
How did you crop him into this? another photo tool? I want to be able to outline the portion I want to cut out.
jasonsmommy07, at 10:04AM on Tuesday February 16, 2010
I'd love to know how you cropped the picture to take the shape of your son? I want to be able to do this and can't figure out how to do it with the Memory Mixer program...any tips?!
pkisabell, at 05:51AM on Wednesday August 25, 2010
How did you crop this picture ? Please share your talent for doing this amazing pic !
c.dayton, at 10:11PM on Thursday September 02, 2010
amazing. Please answer the questions about how you created this imagae and page.

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