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The Little Things 2/7/10

Designer: ordazd
Tags: The Little Things, February, Texting
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2010 the little things p0012 medium Description
My favorite Little Thing this week is: Day 3, Texting with my almost 18 year old Granddaughter...and she initiated it! In this day and age, it's really heartwarming to have an almost 18 year old take the time to stay in touch...I'll take a text conversation any day of the year!

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BeachScraper, at 03:06PM on Sunday February 07, 2010
Very nice, life is good. Love the choice of colors, they compliment the photos nicely.
ordazd, at 03:15PM on Sunday February 07, 2010
Life IS good! And now, it's much better with your comments in it! THANKS! BTW, I'd love to see your Little Things, if you're participating...

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