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Yoghurt Face

Designer: Meezy
Tags: boy, berry, colour, yoghurt, beckyhiggins
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John album 3 p057 medium Description
These are not colours I would usually use on a boys page, but, they work perfectly I think with the colours in the photo. I have used a Becky Higgins Page Map sketch for the layout. Will look at more page maps for inspiration as I just tend to put the photos on and then kind of decorate the page. John likes to drink his yoghurt straight from the jar his mum makes it in. The berries are Moraberries which are a type of raspberry/blackberry.

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ordazd, at 07:17AM on Wednesday May 26, 2010
I agree, the colors work extremely well with the photos. Once again, can I borrow him for a while? =}

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