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Sheffield Garden Park

Designer: audosborne
Tags: different themes, different backgrounds, park, castle
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Garden p010 medium Description
Pictures of Sheeffield Garden Park in East Sussex, England. A beautiful, pleasant and peaceful place. Maybe some day I will decide on a theme and stick to it but right now, I'm having too much fun trying out different things.

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annirana, at 11:48AM on Saturday September 15, 2007
How wonderful are these LO's? They look like something out of a fairy tail book! Page 6 looks like you did some impressionist work w/ the photos. What is the round frame around #9? It looks very Anna Griffin. I got lost in your work there for awhile...Thanx!
audosborne, at 01:05PM on Saturday September 15, 2007
Thanks for the compliments. I am absolutely hooked on MM. To answer your question, the frame is actually a piece of clipart that I enlarged. The background if a photo I worked on in Photo Shop as is the frame in #10.

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