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Designer: corinnasue
Tags: adoption, profile, baby, family, adopt, story, corinnasue
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Profile 2 p001 medium Description
We are in the process of adoption. The sample profiles I saw were very boring and I decided I would scrap ours! Memory mixer made it easy to be creative. Some of the elements are from MM and some are from other sites. Enjoy! This is an 8.5 x 11 format so it can be printed anywhere.

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ordazd, at 08:41AM on Sunday November 07, 2010
I found myself engrossed in your Adoption Profile. You've done a wonderful job! =}
corinnasue, at 10:13AM on Sunday November 07, 2010
Thanks! Let's just hope there is a birth-mother out there that feels that way too.
ordazd, at 11:36AM on Sunday November 07, 2010
You'll need to keep us updated....=}
Meezy, at 07:14AM on Monday November 08, 2010
Wow, I am sure you will have many birth mothers after you. How could they not. I was deeply moved reading this, you have done an exceptional job. Lucky baby I say to be part of your caring, loving family. Look forward to updates. Best wishes.
JMurdoch, at 07:25AM on Monday November 08, 2010
Loved it!! Great job on the LO's too!! Definitely keep us updated!! I'm sure we'd all love to come along for the ride! :)
corinnasue, at 04:47PM on Monday November 08, 2010
Thank you all so much! I wish there was a way MM would notify you when someone leaves a comment. I will keep you posted here, so check back often.
audosborne, at 05:08AM on Sunday November 14, 2010
Wow! What a wonderful profile. I know there is a lucky child out there for you somewhere. I wish you the very best of luck.
corinnasue, at 02:45PM on Saturday July 16, 2011
We are matched and adopting a baby girl! I have uploaded the first ultrasound! Search for corinnasue

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