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The Big Wheel

Designer: audosborne
Tags: wheel, magic, view
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Le p001 medium Description
Some pictures from the London Eye in London, England's tribute to the New Millenium. Credit goes to Misty Cato (All American Kit) from MM and my friend Doris Jones for photos.

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annirana, at 12:05PM on Monday September 17, 2007
How on EARTH did you coax yourself up there? Those are some awesome pictures. What a sight! I could more go up there than the man on the moon! I'm terrified of heights, if I wear my socks too thick, I FREAK! My son will be 13 in Dec. and my 5 yr. old crashed my computer too! Thank goodness I had alot of stuff on disc. Nice work!
audosborne, at 01:31PM on Monday September 17, 2007
I didn't. These are pictures of my friends that were kind engough to let be tag along on their trip to England. I had done all the sightseeing tours before, so I went to the National Gallery and a play. If I ever go back I will ride it though. It goes very slow, takes thirty minutes to complete the circle. I'm OK in high places if I have something to hold on to. Thanks for looking.

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