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ComingThrough Rye

Designer: audosborne
Tags: sunny, tea, blue, street, sepia, gate
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Rye2 p001 medium Description
Photos from the charming town of Rye in England. I did a lot of shopping there. Credits: Sun Porch/Amy Teet; Moody Blues/Shabby Princess; Sandalwood Kit/Lisa Howell'; Doodles/Angie Briggs

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Jesse77, at 03:23PM on Monday September 17, 2007
Beautiful pages, way to go!!!!! I really like the first one,love the paper goes perfectly with the picture.... looks like great places to shop! One of my favorite things to do.
audosborne, at 03:44PM on Monday September 17, 2007
Thanks! I really loved that scene in the first layout. I thought I was so typically British.
annirana, at 03:51PM on Monday September 17, 2007
Right on! You just get better and better!
JENNA, at 06:44AM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
I love the first layout... I love the brushes... plaids.. polka dots... and I too LOVE to shop. I see that it was by: Amy Teet. Was it free downloads? and what site did you download it from. I am new to all of this.. and just trying to learn... Thank you!!! Great job...
audosborne, at 10:33AM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Thanks girls. I'm having too much fun.. Jenna in answer to your question the Amy Teet Kit was a free donload from They have a lot of free stuff.
JENNA, at 02:37PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Thank you.. I will check it out...

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