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Designer: JENNA
Tags: Blue, White, Plain, JENNA
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94200293b medium Description
Andrew enjoying a nice sunny day @ our old house... Eating pudding and running wild. MM backgrounds - etc. Just trying to figure it all out.

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annirana, at 03:28PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Jenna, when you look back on these L.O.'s in a few years, you'll enjoy the simplicity and freshness of it all, before you become distracted with all the extras that can sometimes get in the way of the picture or memory! Even though I am still preserving the memory, and am enjoying the artistic freedom, I sometimes get carried away with the process, and forget to keep it about the picture. Your pages are very fresh and beautiful! I mean look at one of Rainee's pages, I colored her face blue for Pete's sake! Andrew looks like my 5 yr.old Nathan!
JENNA, at 05:04PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Your funny.... Thank you for the comments...

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