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Birthday Cards

Designer: wncmtnlady
Tags: birthday, cards, collage
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Winter spring 2011 p019 medium Description
I thought I would share this idea with everyone...I did not know what to do with my sons b-day cards and I did not want to throw them away so I scanned all of them in and made them into elements, when needed, via photoshop then arranged them in Memory Mixer to make these pages.

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kksones, at 11:58AM on Thursday March 24, 2011
Love the idea, my children are teenagers and beyond and I still have all their cards. Thanks for the idea.
grmnfmly1, at 06:28PM on Thursday March 24, 2011
Such a cute idea:)
sheila817, at 07:04PM on Monday April 04, 2011
What a great idea! Thanks for posting this....

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