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FIrst Haircut

Designer: celestegrover
Tags: TV, hair, cut, girl, salon
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Cambry s first haircut p005 medium Description
My little girl had her first haircut and it was televised on channel 5. They needed footage of a kid getting their first hair cut, and so my aunt (who works at KSL) called and asked if we would be willing. She was a superstar on TV

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audosborne, at 10:54AM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
No doubt about it... she's a STAR!!!!
Jesse77, at 02:50PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
This will be so neat for her to look back on when she is older!
danak, at 03:08AM on Thursday September 27, 2007
I love the LO and the colors. What font is your title in??
celestegrover, at 12:53PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
The font is called SD Pretty Purkey - It's one of my favorite fonts!!
Lynn Grieveson, at 06:14PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
What a great experience (lucky she was happy about it all too!) Very pretty layout for her too.

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