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Blake's parts

Designer: brooklyn1416
Tags: baby, boy, toes, eyes, ears, nose, fingers
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36703611b medium Description
I couldn't resist taking pictures of every part of Blake. They were so little, and so cute!

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audosborne, at 10:53AM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
All your pages are adorable and so is your baby...this page is my favorite. I would love to have a picture of my son's baby feet... he wears size 14 1/2 shoe so it's hard to remeber he was evere little... Great idea!!!
MHeher, at 12:38PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
Another great layout. You do a great job keeping your pages simple and not overcrowded. Keep up the great work.
BeachScraper, at 01:23PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
I also like the simplicity of your pages...very nice
JENNA, at 04:37PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
sheliafaith, at 01:12PM on Friday December 28, 2007
this is my first time on the website...and when I saw Blake's parts....all I could say was aaaaahhhhh!! I only hope someday I will understand how to scrapbook and have great ideas like this..

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