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Designer: audosborne
Tags: home, flower, and more flowers
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Bateman s p001 medium Description
Rudyard Kipling called Bateman's his peacable place.. I call it paradise. Mindy Teresawa's designs seemed to go well with these photos.

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brooklyn1416, at 11:15AM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
I love how your layouts match the time period of the house itself! Great job on that! Also, it almost feels like the picture is part of the background, so it adds to the overall presentation.
audosborne, at 11:19AM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
Thanks Brooklyn...I had a hard time uploading ...kept forgetting which page I was on. Isn't this a beautiful place!! When things get hectic I look at these pictures.. it really was peacful.
BeachScraper, at 01:21PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
Beautiful !!!
Jesse77, at 02:46PM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
Wow Ruth, you have been busy!! looks great, wish I could go!
annirana, at 07:55AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
Phenomenal! I enjoyed those very much!
audosborne, at 09:31AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
Thank ladies.

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