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Halloween 1997

Designer: BeachScraper
Tags: Kim, Marilyn
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Remembering p001 medium Description
Remembering back 10 years, one of my favorite pictures ... one of the many

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annirana, at 03:15AM on Friday September 28, 2007
Looks kinda spooky! In re: to your quest. when you download from another site, place them in a folder in "my pictures". You can label them Atomiccupcake or whatever. Then, you can add them to your LO as a picture. It's not as convenient as having them in MM, but it's doable. When you download fonts, locate them to your font folder and they should instal. If not, place them on your desktop, open your font folder and you can manualy cliclk and drag them into your font folder. If none of this helps e-mail me and I can walk you trough it, O.K.? My name is Andrea. ; )

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