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Designer: annirana
Tags: all traditional LO's
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Replca 002 medium Description
These are some photos of some traditional LO's I thought some of you might enjoy.

Additional Images:

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danak, at 05:22PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
HOW CUTE!!! The Nemo page is my favorite - it looks 3-D!! I also LOVED the picture of Rainee in black and white with Minnie in bright red - that is great! We went to EuroDisneyland and it is a lot smaller than the ones in the states - we did not see most of the things in your pictures! But we still had a great time!
audosborne, at 05:53PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
LOVE IT!! Love it!! It is magical!! All my Disney pictures went bye-bye when my computer crashed ..maybe some day someone can extract them.
Lynn Grieveson, at 06:09PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
Fun pages! (I especially love the selective coloring in the first page)Thanks for sharing!
annirana, at 03:20AM on Friday September 28, 2007
Thanx for looking! I'm going to post more trditional LO, I know that this is a digi site, but I like looking at all kinds of scrapbooking and card making, so if anyone out there is like me, then maybe they will enjoy looking and perhaps become inspired!
Jesse77, at 04:23AM on Monday October 01, 2007
I really Really LOVE the Nemo page....I have pictures from Disneyland from 3 different trips, that I need to start working on- thanks for the inspiration!, at 12:35PM on Saturday November 03, 2007
Wonderful use of black and white and spot coloring! Fits perfect with this page. Thanks for sharing.

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