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At the park

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: park, lake, picnic, family, jesse77
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Summer 2007nonna 2 2 p0079 medium Description
Some pictures of a recent picnic to Big Lake Park, in the town we live in.

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annirana, at 04:53PM on Friday September 28, 2007
Cool! Cool! I have this kit! look on the third row of page 5 in the gallery, it's a "western style" LO of my son Nathan. The third row of the 5th page will last for as long as it takes to add more LO's to the gallery. So as of right now, that's where it is...awesome job!
Lynn Grieveson, at 06:34PM on Friday September 28, 2007
Lovely pages and sweet photos :-)
audosborne, at 01:44AM on Saturday September 29, 2007
You do such a good job with your LO and I love the quotes on these pages.. I have this kit and I really like it.
Jesse77, at 09:03AM on Saturday September 29, 2007
Thank you ladies :)

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