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Benton County Fair

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: fair, summer, family, jesse77
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Summer 2007nonna 2 2 p0077 medium Description
One of the many fairs we went to this summer

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annirana, at 04:57PM on Friday September 28, 2007
Great memories. Our fair season is in the fall. It get's too hot in the summer.
Jesse77, at 05:00PM on Friday September 28, 2007
That's how it was in Arizona, here in Minnesota Fall, is just another word for Winter!!!! Leaves change, the next week it snows!
annirana, at 05:08PM on Friday September 28, 2007
Well, I'm gonna call it a night! (or I'll still be sitting here @ sunrise, and Nick has a game @ 9:00 a.m.) Nice chatting w/ you, hug that baby for me!
Lynn Grieveson, at 06:32PM on Friday September 28, 2007
Fun pages! Loved looking at all those photos. Haven't been to a fair like that for years, it would be fun to go to a proper US country fair :-)
audosborne, at 01:40AM on Saturday September 29, 2007
This is really cute, as usual, the papers are beautiful..I love the slide inserts, good idea. I'm learning so much just by looking at other peoples albums. I went the fair here in TN in Aug, it was 97 degrees, miserably hot, we have had record heat this summer and no rain, everything is turning brown and no relief in sight. We need a chat room....
Jesse77, at 12:02PM on Saturday September 29, 2007

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