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going away...

Designer: danak
Tags: blue & orange FUN
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Aug   sept 2007 p003 medium Description
our last night in Texas for a while. The next day we left for Kuwait.

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Lynn Grieveson, at 08:25AM on Saturday September 29, 2007
Fun page (and cute photos). Are you in Kuwait now?
audosborne, at 01:36PM on Saturday September 29, 2007
Very cute!! What is the background?
danak, at 06:03PM on Saturday September 29, 2007
Thanks - I love the bright colors. LYNN: yes, we currently live in Kuwait. AUDOSBORNE: the kit is Lynn Grieveson's MM called Chill Factor (I think). I originally started with MM lite and then upgraded to MM2, so it may have been in the earlier version.
audosborne, at 03:09AM on Sunday September 30, 2007
Thanks for the info danak. By the way my name is Ruth.
Lynn Grieveson, at 07:39AM on Sunday September 30, 2007
That must be exciting and very ... different ;-) We used to live in Singapore. I still miss the whole expat life sometimes.

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