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Aug   sept 2007 p007 medium Description
My husband is out of town, again, so I decided to take the kids out to dinner last night (to busy scrapping to cook, you know!) Anyway, they were so cute. Had to snap a couple of pics!

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audosborne, at 08:20AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Cute kids!! this is a fun page.
Lynn Grieveson, at 09:02AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
very cute!
annirana, at 01:55PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Ya know, whatever excuse you need to take pics of your babies, I say GO FOR IT! They'll look back on these and find them just as important as all the "Fancy pictures"!
BeachScraper, at 02:14PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
What a fun page....I like your thoughts on "Husband Out of Town". Way to go girl.

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