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Snapshots of Italy

Designer: artylicious
Tags: Italy, vacation, architecture, Rouge
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Snapshots of italy1 medium Description
This is what got me hooked. As soon as I saw Rouge in the quick mix section, I knew the colours would be perfect for the photos of my trip to italy earlier this year. I went to Tuscany to do Art and Soul with Lesley Riley - what an amazing week! (if anyone's interested, I have a blog documenting the trip:

Additional Images:

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audosborne, at 06:33AM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Beautiful album.. you're right Rouge was perfect for theses los. Isn't Italy a magical place.. can't wait to see your blog.
annirana, at 10:36AM on Sunday October 14, 2007
I LOVE architectual photos! You should have the album hard bound by MM.
ngrace116, at 02:04PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
Artylicious, I love your pics, How do you get your pics round and Oval? and about printing it with MM, Do you like how they come out? As I posted to annirana, I am new to this and have a tons of questions. Thanks, Anna
annirana, at 03:34PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
I don't mean to answer for her, but when you add a photo, to the left you'll see a drop box that has "photo shape", click on that and you'll see all kinds of shapes you can make your pics!
artylicious, at 01:48AM on Monday October 15, 2007
yeah, what annirana said about how to get rounds and ovals. I haven't tried printing this yet, I'm more than happy to have them digitally to share on the blog, by email, etc. I may get a book made from this, but there's tons more photos and I'd like to do more journalling. We got the ferry from England to Amsterdam, then drove through Germany and Austria to get there, so I'd love to do a bigger album of the whole trip. I printed blank journal prompt pages which we took with us and filled in each morning, documenting the day before. We loved it so much, we're thinking of doing the same thing next year, but via France and Switzerland instead. Just love those Alps!
Lynn Grieveson, at 07:19PM on Tuesday October 16, 2007
An album of the whole trip would be amazing. I loved seeing these - gorgeous photos (I love Italy) and layouts.
Jesse77, at 12:56PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
I had a hardbound album made using MM service for my Mom's birthday,they did really an awesome job, it had close to 95 pages in it, and turned out so good- I plan on doing all of my albums this way from now on. I think its much cheaper then buying an album, printing the pages and buying additional page protectors, plus you get to design the cover and make it personal! I think a book of the entire trip would be wonderful!!!!
ngrace116, at 02:49PM on Thursday October 18, 2007
Thank you, I am new to digital scrapbooking and I am still learning MM....Anna
ngrace116, at 08:53AM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
annirana, When I add a photo where??? I don't find the drop box. Thank you Btw I have a Mac comp. could this be why I can't see it?

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