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Rainee w/ Chip @ Dale

Designer: annirana
Tags: mix of downtown and princess bride
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35050224b medium Description
There is a rotating restaurant in "The Land" @ Epcot. It makes one full revolution per hour. There are always a few characters running around there. Mickey will come and sit with you while have lunch!

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ngrace116, at 01:58PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
I really like your LO, I leave in FL and we go to Disney every year with our DD, but sometimes I run out of Ideas to scrap her trip. Thanks for showing us that we can use other colors, than red, black or yellow LOL. Do you use embelishment from MM only? I am new to digi scrap and I am wondering where everyone get their embelishment and stuff. Thank you. Anna
audosborne, at 02:22PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
I love the way you put the two pictures together, looks like you have twin Rainees.
annirana, at 02:39PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
It does huh? LOL. Anna, first of all- Welcome! I use mostly MM2, but there are a few other downloads that I toss in here and there.
annirana, at 02:39PM on Sunday October 14, 2007
ngrace116, at 12:04PM on Monday October 15, 2007
Thank you !!! I went to simply clean website and got a bunch of freebies and cute stuff, I also have a Mac comp, so some of the training here is for Windows and it really makes it a challenge for me. I am still torn between old fashion scrapbooking or Digital, I do find digital faster. Who do you use to print your pages?
Jesse77, at 11:25AM on Thursday October 18, 2007
I also love they way you put the two pictures together, way to go, great job Andrea!

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