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Designer: annirana
Tags: dog
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36859743b medium Description
This is Ruth's LO.

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annirana, at 05:15AM on Monday October 15, 2007
Ruth, I tried to get the color out and couldn't, so I put 2 black periods, and 2 white commas in for the eyes. I know that her eyes probably don't look like that, but maybe it's a little better. You can play with it and find something that you like. As far as fixing her name, just go to your design submissions, open that LO w/ the "details" option to the right. When it opens, click on add image, then add your corrected image, then click on "change primary image" and choose the corrected one. You can then delete the posessed one. You can easily correct your images by (In your MM program) open her album, correct the spelling (and /or eyes) and click on save. Your new image is now ready to up-load. Hope that helps, if not, let me know and we'll go another route.
audosborne, at 05:17AM on Monday October 15, 2007
Thanks a lot .. I really appreciate you taking your time to do that.. You're the Best!!

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