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Precious Boy

Designer: audosborne
Tags: boy, apples, red, green, tan
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K g p006 medium Description
My DGGS (figure that one out)lol, looking cute. Design kit Pelican Lake by Lynn Grievison from Designer Digitals.

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Jesse77, at 09:33AM on Friday October 19, 2007
wow, this is really great! I love the kit, it works perfectly with the picture,did the alpha at the top come with the kit? I might have to swing by designer digital's and pick that one up. Ruth you sure have been cranking out the pages, I need to get back doing that! I have spent most of my day, downloading and downloading some more- one of my favorite sites is having 50% of the entire site for the next 2 days They had really great kits for $2-3.50. So I stocked up! Also is the "DGGS" Dear Great Grand Son? That's my guess!!!! Ha! what to make for
audosborne, at 10:12AM on Friday October 19, 2007
Thanks, Jesse! Yes, there is an alpha with the kit, but I think I used a different one. I'll check it out and let you know... and you are correct about DGGS. I think I'll go to now, like I need another kit. Who need to eat when you can scrap.
annirana, at 11:29AM on Friday October 19, 2007
What a sweet baby boy! I do like that kit. Hey it's "finger food friday"! Pizza sounds sounds good to me! Hubby is away w/ the scouts, housework and laundry is done... Looks like I'v got some downloading to do! : )
Jesse77, at 01:01PM on Friday October 19, 2007
Most of my house work is done, I still have a bit of laundry to do :( ........ I would love to know what you ladies found...(hopefully I didn't miss something great at the website!) Let me know! Happy downloading!
audosborne, at 02:00AM on Saturday October 20, 2007
Yes, Jesse.. that is the alphabet that came with the kit.
Lynn Grieveson, at 08:45AM on Saturday October 20, 2007
Love it! The green really makes the red in the photo "pop". :-)

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