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Corn Maze

Designer: annirana
Tags: pumpkin boy
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16672550b medium Description
Nathan and his class took a feild trip to the local corn maze and pumpkin patch.

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Jesse77, at 03:44PM on Monday October 22, 2007
These are really great, I love the "my favorite childhood memory" circle framing the page..and the last page what an awesome picture, and love the journaling too...I just love all of it!, And what exactly is that goat doing on page 2? HA!!
audosborne, at 03:48PM on Monday October 22, 2007
These reallly are great pages. Nathan is such a cute little guy.. I'll bet you have lots of fun with him. What is that GOAT doing? Great job again!!
danak, at 04:27PM on Monday October 22, 2007
OMG how cute! I absolutely love the first page - really all the pages! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!
annirana, at 02:21AM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
Thank you ladies! The main gate to the corn maze has a pen of goats on either side of it, with a bridge going over the top to join the two. These goats travel over this bridge back and forth between the two pens, they're hilarious!
JENNA, at 08:52AM on Tuesday October 23, 2007

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