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Designer: danak
Tags: mostly Montpellier by Lynn Grieveson & FlutterButter by Mindy Terasawa.
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Greece 2007 p003 medium Description
Our vacation was incredible! Here are some of my favorite pages from Crete. Stay tuned... Santorini and Athens will be coming soon. My in-laws met us in Greece and they rarely travel - so I am thinking I will have them an album made from my pages.

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annirana, at 02:30AM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
These are fabulous! Crete is one of the places I would most like to visit. Looks like you had a wonderful time, even though (if your like me) you viewed it from the screen of a camera! My husband tells me to put the camera down and really look at the places we go! Thanx for "taking" me there... (if only for a moment)
audosborne, at 02:51AM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
Oh Danak, these are wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us...It's almost like being there.. so exciting!! The LO's are perfect for travel photos. My favorite picture is the one of your daugther covered with sand. I really like the African quote too. Beautiful job.
danak, at 04:34PM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
Thanks girls! I can not describe, nor can the pictures really show how breathtakingly beautiful it was. Crete was my absolute favorite and if we ever get a chance to go back to Greece - we will spend the whole time in Crete. Santorini was also VERY beautiful. Andrea your husband is probably right about the camera thing - I took nearly 300 pictures while we were there!!!!!!
Jesse77, at 11:51AM on Wednesday October 24, 2007
I can't wait to see more!! Hurry please :)

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