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Minnesota State Fair

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: Jesse77, fair, red, orange, ribbon, rides, DSD07
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Summer 2007nonna 2 2 p00109 medium Description
We had the chance to go to the MN state fair in August, it is the second largest fair in the United States, the largest is in in CA-. People come from all over to go. It was so big, we were only able to to see about 1/4 of it in one day. I have never seen anything like it! I felt like we were at a theme park, like Magic Mountain - it was that big! So its a big deal here in Minnesota :) The kit is County Fair by Dani from The sweet shop. Thanks for looking

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danak, at 04:27PM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
I love the bright colors of this page. I think I will have to go get that kit now.
audosborne, at 05:46PM on Tuesday October 23, 2007
AWESOME!!! How in the world did you get that marvelous picture? The colors are beautiful too. Great LO!!
annirana, at 04:40AM on Wednesday October 24, 2007
I love that shot! Nice use of the circle to highlight your baby!
Jesse77, at 11:46AM on Wednesday October 24, 2007
Thanks guys!*****Ruth, I took a bunch of pictures to get a few really good ones...I was just snaping away! LOL!!!
BeachScraper, at 04:05PM on Wednesday October 24, 2007
Great lay out...beautiful page
JENNA, at 06:14AM on Friday October 26, 2007
I love this photo... What a great shot!!! Paige is very brave... Andrew's almost "10" - there is no way I'd be able to get him on the swing... ha..
celestegrover, at 07:44AM on Friday October 26, 2007
What a GREAT page!! Sooo cute - and I love the colors~ You did a great job!
Jesse77, at 08:07AM on Tuesday November 20, 2007
Thanks a bunch :)
Bryanmn, at 07:13PM on Tuesday January 15, 2008
We go almost every year to the Great Minnesota Get Together! Hope you got lots of food on a stick! By the way, the kids and I love this ride, but it scares the living daylights out of my husband. Instead he goes for the expensive giant swing ride. Crazy!
alliesun98, at 10:32AM on Sunday March 09, 2008
Can anyone tell me how you get the sweetshoppe kits to work with memory mixer? I downloaded an embellishment kit and saved it under my memory mixer embellishment file - and I "unzipped" it, but when I open memory mixer I can't find it anywhere...any help? edited to add-- okay, now I got the embellishments into memory mixer, HOWEVER, when I open up the section under embellishments where I saved the files (buttons) it gives me a "file may be corrupted" warning for every single little button that I downloaded - 60 of them! - so I can use them in my layouts, but every time I open up buttons I have to click "ok" 60 times when I am warned for each individual button that loads into the program. Surely that isn't right??? Anyone else have this problem?
Jesse77, at 05:21AM on Friday March 21, 2008
Hi alliesun98- If you are still having problems feel free to email me at I can help :)
RABIDFOX, at 12:52PM on Sunday August 24, 2008
I think it was very clever of you to put the dotted circle around your daughter. I've always wondered how to highlight my children in a crowd! I love how the elements you chose relate so well to your image (which is fantastic BTW!).

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