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I want to go there

Designer: jannagifts
Tags: Boy
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Thumbsucker1 lg medium Description
Another layout from scratch. I scrap lifted a layout from a current magazine that I liked.

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Comments: You must be logged in to leave a comment., at 05:30PM on Thursday May 17, 2007
Very cute! I have a thumb sucker too. What a great story to share.
kelliekoo, at 06:49PM on Sunday July 01, 2007
i have a thumbsucker too! i used the shel silverstein poem i a layout for her as well. (as a former thub-sucker, myself, i have always loved that poem.) i really like how you used a different text and color for THUMBSUCKER. and the soft black and white close-ups of him sucking his thumb are just so sweet. great stuff!

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