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Designer: Jesse77
Tags: summer, Lynn Grieveson, girls, jesse77
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Summer 2007nonna 2 2 p00107 medium Description
Paige made all of us girls visors, before our trip out to of course I had to take pictures!!We had all been in the pool all day so none of us have our hair done, or makeup on! The kit is Lynn Grieveson's It's Summer.

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annirana, at 03:11PM on Thursday October 25, 2007
You guys look "sun kissed"! I just noticed the way the pattern travels across the two pages, is this a double LO? It has nice flow!
JENNA, at 06:04AM on Friday October 26, 2007
This is great... I am a very sentimental person. so, I really love LO's like these... Paige did a great job on the visors... I am sure you all will treasure them forever.
Jesse77, at 06:55AM on Friday October 26, 2007
Thank you! Yes it is a two page LO, I removed the ribbon from the back of the second LO, and added a sun, I thought I had saved it that way when I uploaded but it, there it was! ugh..didn't feel like reuploading, I was tired last night, so I just left as is :)
audosborne, at 02:48PM on Friday October 26, 2007
Beautiful pages. You guys look like you have so much fun together.
Lynn Grieveson, at 05:45PM on Friday October 26, 2007
Love those "stacked" photos. You look like you all had such a fun time too. :-)
Jesse77, at 01:56PM on Sunday October 28, 2007
Thank you! We really do have a good time together we do crazy stuff, and laugh a lot, mostly at ourselves! They are all coming out here to MN, for Thanksgiving. I am excited for that (they are all going to freeze, LOL!)

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