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First Day of school

Designer: Jesse77
Tags: girl, first day of school, jesse77, DSD07
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Fall winter 07 08 p007 medium Description
Help! I have been working on this all day,not sure if I like it or not and if it needs something else, or to just start over. What does this need?Please tell me what you think! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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audosborne, at 09:02AM on Wednesday October 31, 2007
I love it just the way it is... but it made me cry.!!
annirana, at 02:32AM on Thursday November 01, 2007
Ditto! It's perfect the way it is.
Jesse77, at 02:48AM on Thursday November 01, 2007
Okay, I think I will leave it how it is- Sorry I made you cry! I thought it was the perfect poem for how I was feeling during the first week of school (I did a lot of crying!). Did you guys see the blog link on this website? I wonder how it works? Also I love all of Lynn's new kits, I can't wait to shop, shop, shop!
BeachScraper, at 02:17PM on Thursday November 01, 2007
beautiful page...leave it just as it is.I like the softness of the picture.
Jesse77, at 05:19AM on Saturday November 03, 2007
Thank you!
JENNA, at 10:50AM on Saturday November 03, 2007
celestegrover, at 12:38PM on Sunday November 04, 2007
This is soo dang cute -- what a great job you did! Did you make up the poem yourself? I think the only thing I would change is maybe the background color where the writing is...You might want to try a light pink like the color in her backpack, or even a green that has more teal in it like her shirt...White is also very stunning as well. I totally love it though--It's so cute, and what a neat way to remember! Great job!
Jesse77, at 03:34AM on Wednesday November 07, 2007
Thank you, I will try that and repost! Thanks for the help :)

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