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Colors of Fall

Designer: hayesms
Tags: DSD07 leaves, fall colors
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Fall p001 medium Description
Leaves changing color for fall. I used my scenery pictures for background that I took on the Blue Ridge Mtn Pkwy.

Additional Images:

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audosborne, at 12:23PM on Thursday November 08, 2007
Ahhh! I know the Blue Ridge Parkway well but I haven't been there this fall. Lovely LO's. Where do you live?
danak, at 02:57PM on Thursday November 08, 2007
FABULOUS!!!!! Your pictures and LOs are amazing - really great job!
hayesms, at 11:45PM on Thursday November 08, 2007
Thanks. I live in Charlotte, NC. Martha
audosborne, at 03:37PM on Friday November 09, 2007
Nice city. I live in East Tennessee. Are the picutures from NC or VA? They look like North Carolina.
hayesms, at 11:11PM on Friday November 09, 2007
They are from NC near Sparta.
Jesse77, at 04:52AM on Sunday November 11, 2007
Love your style, and how you used photos for the background, they really have nice flow.

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