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Haremere Hall

Designer: audosborne
Tags: DSD07 house, gardens, green, brown, yellow
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Haremere p001 medium Description
I'm still working on my vacation book from last year. This is where we stayed in England.

Additional Images:

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Jesse77, at 06:58AM on Monday November 12, 2007
striking LO's! I can't believe you were able to find and stay at such a magnificent place! just awesome Ruth! I want to go!
Jesse77, at 07:00AM on Monday November 12, 2007
FYI---- I just noticed that your "DSD07" is in the description, it needs to go in the "tags" for the contest.
JENNA, at 04:43PM on Tuesday November 13, 2007
audosborne, at 02:19PM on Thursday November 15, 2007
Thank you.
Lynn Grieveson, at 09:20AM on Friday November 16, 2007
Oh wow - I spent ages looking at all these. Love all the interesting photos of the details of the place - and what an amazing place to stay!

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