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Sister's Wedding Album

Designer: celestegrover
Tags: wedding, DSD07
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Mel wedding p005  medium  medium Description
These are some pages I put together for my sister's wedding album -

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audosborne, at 02:37AM on Friday November 23, 2007
Beautiful Album..did you do it as 12x12? I have a grandson that will be getting married this spring and I've been wondering how to put together an album for them.. you've inspired me. I never thought of using black but it is very effective. Did you use an overlay or is the paper textured?
celestegrover, at 04:18AM on Friday November 23, 2007
Thanks!! You are sweet! I did it as a 12 x 12, but I am having them printed as an 8 x 8 --I wasn't sure about the black either, but I think it works nicely. I just used black paper, and then used the white scratch overlay and set it to about 50% opacity.
Jesse77, at 11:28AM on Saturday November 24, 2007
Ths is stunning! Wonderful job :)
marlac, at 11:52PM on Tuesday November 27, 2007
beautiful! I am working on my wedding album now--also in black and white. After viewing yours, I am really inspired! I was wondering what fonts you used--the lettering really makes a statement.
JMurdoch, at 08:57AM on Tuesday January 08, 2008
What is the white scratch overlay? Where do you find it? Is it in a packet?
amybush, at 04:12PM on Sunday February 24, 2008
Fabulous job.... Where did you get the quote on the additional images... The first one... My love???

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