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Mya ~ 10 months old (jkpierce11)

Mya ~ 10 months old...
by jkpierce11

All-Star Multiple Photo Challenge (lydrom)

All-Star Multiple P...
by lydrom

Mya's Baby Shower (jkpierce11)

Mya's Baby Shower
by jkpierce11

Mya 8 months Old (jkpierce11)

Mya 8 months Old
by jkpierce11

Bubble Bath (craftyjac)

Bubble Bath
by craftyjac

Tanner's blessing (JMurdoch)

Tanner's blessing
by JMurdoch

Birthday Girl in Blue (craftyjac)

Birthday Girl in Bl...
by craftyjac

Our baby Girl ~ One month Old (jkpierce11)

Our baby Girl ~ One...
by jkpierce11

Our Baby ~ 7 months old (jkpierce11)

Our Baby ~ 7 months...
by jkpierce11

Evangelina (peanuts)

by peanuts

Newest BABY (weblg)

Newest BABY
by weblg

Spring Beauty! (craftyjac)

Spring Beauty!
by craftyjac

Daddy's OTHER clone.. (JMurdoch)

Daddy's OTHER clone...
by JMurdoch

Cute as a Bug (craftyjac)

Cute as a Bug
by craftyjac

1 week old (JMurdoch)

1 week old
by JMurdoch

Tanner is here!!! (JMurdoch)

Tanner is here!!!
by JMurdoch

My Favorite Flower (faithmom001)

My Favorite Flower
by faithmom001

All smiles (craftyjac)

All smiles
by craftyjac

Your name (craftyjac)

Your name
by craftyjac

Madi's TWO!! (JMurdoch)

Madi's TWO!!
by JMurdoch

Baby Shower (JMurdoch)

Baby Shower
by JMurdoch

Cutie Pie (craftyjac)

Cutie Pie
by craftyjac

Strolling along (craftyjac)

Strolling along
by craftyjac

10 things (craftyjac)

10 things
by craftyjac

Double Delight (platinum butterfly)

Double Delight
by platinum butterfly

Pretty in green (jkpierce11)

Pretty in green
by jkpierce11

Our baby girl ~ 5 months old (jkpierce11)

Our baby girl ~ 5 m...
by jkpierce11

Sweet Little Girl (weblg)

Sweet Little Girl
by weblg

Blessed (annefulling)

by annefulling

Mya 5 months old (jkpierce11)

Mya 5 months old
by jkpierce11

Backyard Buddies (craftyjac)

Backyard Buddies
by craftyjac

Lyric Challenge-My Poppy (criswell)

Lyric Challenge-My ...
by criswell

Baby Face-Lyric Challange (kwallace)

Baby Face-Lyric Cha...
by kwallace

My Brown Eyed Girl (craftyjac)

My Brown Eyed Girl
by craftyjac

Daddy's Sweet Pea (craftyjac)

Daddy's Sweet Pea
by craftyjac

Maternity Pictures (JMurdoch)

Maternity Pictures
by JMurdoch

Pink is Sweet (weblg)

Pink is Sweet
by weblg

A Busy Day (weblg)

A Busy Day
by weblg

BEE..autiful!! (weblg)

by weblg

For the Baby Book (weblg)

For the Baby Book
by weblg

Pretty in Pink (craftyjac)

Pretty in Pink
by craftyjac

Introducing Jacob's Baby Brother (audosborne)

Introducing Jacob's...
by audosborne

Sweet As Can Bee! (craftyjac)

Sweet As Can Bee!
by craftyjac

Through a Childs Eyes (Nifty)

Through a Childs Ey...
by Nifty

Daddy & Me Page (trishat_77)

Daddy & Me Page
by trishat_77